Dustin E. Nispel 
Author of The Tower
Poet and Artist
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"The politically influenced, Rapid fire delivered,
Trance dream revelations of postmodern poetic shaman of words."

-Carla Christopher (Former York Poet  Laureate and Current Poet. Publisher at Poem Sugar Press,
and York's Arts and cultural community Laision)


Dustin Nispel with his
Carla Christopher
Of PoemSugar Press.
"More than a blending of
Spoken Word and poetry,
Dustin's work is an alchemist
fantasy of word spells
and hypnotic rhythm."
-Carla Christopher
(4th poet Laureate of York)
The Release of The Tower
made history as the first
book ever released
at The Strand Capitol,
Performing Arts Center.
With over one hundred
persons in attendence
and six Visual artists
painting live.

"If you want to feel

the raw emotions

of life, filtered through

uncomprimising words,

Dustin Nispel's The Tower
is the book you have been waiting for.
His work examines the darkness of life, the aftermath

of the fall of the tower.

Take the journey with

Nispel, if you dare."

-Le Hinton, Poet/Publisher

of Iris G. Press &
the Fledgling Rag.

Dustin's philosophy of

"Art creates Art," was evident at the release. As all of his artists have never performed live, and some have never painted. But what was created, was drive and inspiration proving to them and his audience that we are all connected.

The Tower
Poems by Dustin E. Nispel

PoemSugar Press

"Like the chant of

an ancient shaman,

Dustin's poetry transforms

darkness to an infections beat."

-Rich Hemmings


Dustin strives to be the very best he

can when he performs. He is an avid supporter of the arts movement, and

is dedicated in showing art as a medicine and a driving force against crime and violence, seperation and hopelessness. "we are more powerful than we relize, imagine a world of support and creativity, abundance and prosperity versus war and environmental destruction of our habitat." "The ARTISTS have the power to bring upon us a better world, and a solid future."

-Dustin Nispel

"Jeremy David"



Bottom of the Blossom 


      Dustin has been writing poetry for over a decade. His words are his therapy and antidote to society. He paints vivid and very real images within the mind. From standing ovations to empty rooms, his poetry lingers in those that hear his work. Some have dubbed him the Edgar Allen of slam, as his poetry is hauntingly possessive as it emerges from the shadows of life into the light.

He has won multiple Slam championships,
and has performed up and down the East Coast. Spreading his love of poetry and inspiration. "Without poetry... I would not exist here." -Dustin E Nispel

(Slam winning performance at the Taylor Mali Slam Harrisburg PA)


These Seeds

Dustin is the vocalist and abstract instrumentalist for trance/poetronica band called These Seeds. Originally formed as a Solo outlet project for Bobby Yagodich, the two united in their love for music and poetry. They have created a very different sound in the music community, blending chants, mantras, digital innovation, instrumental and poetry.

Their first full length,
Bobby and Dustin are in the process of recording their new album which should be available for purchase by the close of 2014.
Their Live performances can be viewed below
Dustin has one other hidden piece of himself; the love for Tarot.
He has been reading cards for ten years and working with clients for over 6 years. His recent certification is shown above. He works with many different decks and spreads. Readings are $20, he also provides group rates for 6 or more individuals at $15 per reading (10 card spread). To book a reading appointment with Dustin click the contact tab and send him a message. You will not be dissatisfied with your reading.


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Dustin's Slam/Spoken Word Performance

These Seeds

Tarot Reading

Akashic Minerals



Our office hours are: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!!!! 




These Seeds Live @ New Grounds Roasting Company On: BOTTOM OF THE BLOSSOM


 EARTH solo

(This is how the song was written)



These Seeds and Tony C On WOVEN (Live)



Dustin's joy ride on 4/20/2013 MUD (Live)



These Seeds Instrumental: SALEM






These Seeds: The Isle Of Mare (Live)